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The Utility Knife for All Challenges.

Large or Small.

The days of single-purpose applications are over. Coorworks keeps a forward-thinking approach towards the internet of things leveraging open source tools so we can spend our development time on what matters: building custom solutions for our clients. Our solutions model allows us to fill the gaps once left by multi-vendor options in favor of tailored, agile progress.

Recent Workflow Transformations


Example: Client Workflow Solutions for Revenue-Critical Business Operations

Workflow Operations


Open Workflow

Solution Architecture


Leveraged CoorWorks Architecture & Coordinate Web and Mobile App Foundations to Accelerate:

Government compliant workflow solution to manage a contracted workforce of over 3,000 to Deliver an essential service at 126 different agency locations.

  • Delivered solutions including Scheduling, Forecasting Contractor Management, Rules Enforcement, Work Approval and Disputes, Invoicing, Training and Certifications, and System Analytics

Editorial Design
Additional Enterprise Workflow Qualification

Contractor Workforce & Task Management (3,000. Court Language Interpreters Dept. of Justice)


Integrated Work Order Management & Automated Service Provisioning (National Telecom Provider)


On Demand ATM Access Management for FLM (5,000+ Technicians National FLM Provider)


Field Service Customer Experience Management (500+ Technicians | Regional Telecom)


Delivery Custody Management & Transportation Logistics Enforcement (7 Branch Regional CT)


Employee/Contractor Work & Production Reporting Management (185. locations National Provide .


Cash Vault Operations & Field ATM Operations Management (National ATM Operator)



ATM Service Coordination & SLA Management (National ATM Operator)

Enterprise ATM Lock System Hosting & Management (Multiple Regional FLM Providers)


Field Service Customer Contact Management (Multiple National Telecom Providers


We stay on top of cutting edge solutions to make sure we’re delivering the greatest value to our clients. By using the latest in open source foundations and Amazon Web Services, we can more efficiently develop custom solutions. Leveraging these tools allows the Coordinate Platform to maximize agility, and cost efficiency.
Don’t Catch Up to The Competition, Surpass it With Ongoing Tech Development
Our model views our clients as partners. We depart from the SaaS approach, by addressing entire Workflows. When one problem is solved, that should naturally flow into the next solution as a part of tech service. Paying for a new service every time doesn’t deliver the best results for anybody. By evolving with our partners we don’t just improve revenue, we push the envelope on tech innovation.

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