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Now hiring For Sales, Engineering, and Operations

Node.JS + Angular + Express + MySQL
Full Stack Developer for a Complex SaaS Cash Logistics Management System

Now hiring for immediate part/full time with pathway to full product ownership

Looking for an experienced Node.Js/Express/Angular/MySQL full stack dev to join a growing SaaS that is taking over in the Cash Logistics market; managing several billion in aggregate secured cash shipments our platform is managing across the US monthly.

After emerging from start-up and gaining a sustainable market position we are looking for our number 2 to be the driving force to harden aspects of the platform and lead coming major platform enhancements, including performance optimization, introducing analytics on our mountains of data, finishing our initial start with ML cash forecasting, and bolting on other significant functional enhancements.

Seeking a highly independent, disciplined and documentation focused player to dive into a complex SaaS architecture with big-time legit day-to-day importance, help immediately with tackling our growing backlog in key functional areas.

We'll carve out a modest full-stack change to jointly evaluate candidates, but will quickly hand over a substantive change for independent development, with an immediate ramp into full-time responsibility and growth as a key partner of our core product team.

You'll have day 1 ability to put your mark on this platform and ride the growth up as the company continues its collective evolution of the cash and cash logistics markets.

Must be US time zones, Spanish fluency is a plus (growing Latin American presence).

Look forward to understanding backgrounds and familiarity with Node.js and Angular code...


Future is wide open on this one...


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