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Precision Results at a Fraction of the Cost 

We look at the big picture when addressing critical BPE inefficiencies. Our Workflow-As-A-Service strategy prioritizes the most needed solutions within the context of broad re-engineering so you don't have to choose between immediate impact and long term results.

Presented Inefficiency

Measured Outcome


No automated way to measure daily employee productivity and work aherance across multiple locations (internal and customer embededed)

Multi-channel employee tracking and work input solution to accomodate specific business rules and data collection objectives

Centralized productivity analytics across national employee footprint, streamlined payroll approval process and time management

Manually managing order fulfillment for large government contract

Create a custom view to allow independent contractors to fulfill every step of the order

Fulfillment Analytics, Independent Contractor Resources, Reporting to Client, Resource Recruitment.

Securely move cash via hundreds of drivers across daily changing routes

App with Route Map and One Time Code generation to open vaults and automatically map next stop

Enhanced Fraud Detection and Prevention, Analytics, Constantly Improving UI, Geolocation

Regional Healthcare provider unable to track patient contact

Dashboard ​with Automatic tasking to display highest priority calls, Show Call Status, Call Logs, With Analytics to Show Response Rate 

Revamped Patient Contact System Providing More Precise Campaigns That are Flexible to Patient Preferences for Time of Day and Contact Type

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